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        Williams Wildcats

                     Expect the best!  Achieve Success!

District Vision Statement: Inspiring and empowering every student to thrive every day. Click here to see the district vision video



                                     Intend to be 




                                    Achieving and 



Drop-in Homework Club (scroll down)
Drop-in Homework Club (scroll down)
The teachers will be available for homework club Monday and Wednesday in the following rooms:
Grade 1& 2 - room 9 from 2:30-3:15
Grades 3, 4 & 5 - Room 15 from 2:30-3:30
Tuesdays are staff meeting days and Thursdays are teacher prep days. Most teachers do not require Friday homework.
Hueneme Ca
PTA Marquee Fund - An electronic marquee will help facilitate parent/school communication. Please help support the PTA fund through this site or by donating in the office.
Williams' AR Progress
No Parking Reminder
Please remember that only staff can park in any of our lots during pick-up and drop off times. This change was made at parent request for student safety. Please park in the neighborhood and walk your students in or drop them safely at a crosswalk.

PTA (Parent Teacher Association)

about 1 month ago

We will be adding more information from our PTA as it becomes available

We have just a few parents/teachers doing a LOT of work to raise money for our teachers and students.  If you can help with fundraisers, or other activities please let us know in the office and we will pass your contact information on to the PTA.

If you know of a business that would be willing to help sponsor some of our PTA activities please let us know. 

PTA President- Ana Serrano

PTA Vice President- Alba Baralaga

PTA Secretary- Judy Villanueva

PTA Treasurer- Ana Gonzalez

We will post the current budget but here is an idea of how PTA funds have been used:

Teacher support ( yearly reimbursements $50-100 per teacher)

Student Books (library and classroom)

Field Trips (extra support when requested)

Playground Equipment

Playground Tables and Umbrellas

Marquee Fund (Funds being set aside until we reach goal)

Water and Prizes for Jog-a-Thon

Red Ribbon Week Activities

Volunteer Appreciation

Teacher Appreciation Lunch

Read Across America

Battle of the Books 

Movie Nights (snacks)

Wildcat Attendance
Congratulations to the classes who have earned their WILDCATS letters for perfect attendance! These classes get a free dress day or an extra principal’s recess.
Mrs. Evans 10/24, 11/1, 11/22, 12/6, 1/18, 2/3, 3/1, 3/8,
Mrs. Gudaz/Mrs. Hill 10/24, 11/7, 1/18, 2/9, 3/9
Mr. Gonzalez 11/1, 1/10, 3/9
Mrs. Dipasquale 11/7, 12/6, 2/1, 2/28,
Mrs. Hernandez 11/10, 12/14, 1/26, 2/28,
Mrs. Keelan 11/10, 12/14, 1/27, 3/10
Mrs. Patrick 11/18, 12/12, 2/14,
Mrs. Aguilar 11/30, 2/1, 3/14,
Mrs. Cardenas 11/8, 12/13, 1/25, 2/24,
Mrs. Casas 11/22, 3/3
Mr. Gomez 11/28, 1/17, 3/13
Mrs. Engelmann 11/28, 2/9, 3/3,
Mrs. Johnsen 12/22, 2/15,
Mrs. Mercado 11/30, 12/14, 2/15,
Mrs. Mesrobian 12/6, 2/2,
Mrs. Preciado 11/22, 3/9,
Mrs. Reed 12/12, 2/10,
Mrs. Carter 1/5,
Ms. Young 1/11, 3/1,
Mrs. Casillas 1/24, 3/10
Hueneme Elementary School District did not offer competitive athletics as that term is defined by Education Code Section 221.9 (e) in the 2015-2016 school year.
Great Ca Shakeout Drill

Our students take earthquake and fire drills seriously!

School Site Council - SSC

about 1 month ago

This page will contain copies of the agendas and minutes for the School Site Council as well as copies of our school plans so that all stakeholders (Parents, teachers, students, community) can be a part of our process.  If you have any input you would like to offer on our school plans please contact the principal or join us at one of our meetings.

Next Scheduled Meeting:

Thursday April 20th at 3:00 in room 6

Agendas and Minutes

January 19, 2017 minutes

January 29, 2017 agenda

October 20, 2016 minutes

October 20, 2016 agenda

September 22, 2016 minutes

School Plans

2016 School Accountability Report Card

Single Plan for Student Achievement

Safe School Plan

November Budget

Uniform Donations
Uniform Donations
Please donate gently used uniforms that you no longer need so others may use them next year.
Character Counts
Character Counts
Character Counts
Wear the colors every Friday for the focus trai to of the month.
Aug/Sept - Respect (yellow)
Oct - Trustworthiness (blue)
Nov - Citizenship (purple)
Dec - Caring (red)
Jan - Responsibility (green)
Feb - Caring (red)
Mar - Trustworthiness (blue)
April - Fairness (orange)
May - Citizenship (purple)
June - Responsibility (green)
California Healthy Kids (CHKS)
CAASPP State Testing
State testing for students in grades 3-8 will be conducted May 22-June 9.
The Science Pilot Test will be given to students in grade 5 during the week of March 20-31.
Parent informational letters will be sent home for both tests in February. If you do not receive one please contact your child's teacher or the office.

Please click on the video link below for more information on the state testing (in English-dated March 2015).
Order Your Yearbook!
Order Your Yearbook!
Yearbooks are on sale until March 31st. After that date you will not be able to order one so please order now. You can pay cash or order online (mylifetouch.com).
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