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School Starts at 8:00 Each Morning
Students not with their teacher at 8:00 sharp will be considered tardy. This affects perfect attendance and tardies can not be made up. Please make sure students are here everyday and on time. Grades 1-5 students enter through the back gates unless they are going to eat breakfast in the cafeteria. The gate closes at 8:01. Our attendance goal is 98% this year.
Please make arrangements for early release day on Thursday so your student does not have to sit in the office and wait to be picked up. See times below:
TK - 11:21 (no lunch on Thursday)
Kinder - 12:15
Gr 1-3 - 12:35
Gr 4-5 - 12:45
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Healthy Breakfast
Do you want to avoid the congestion at the start of the school day and make sure your child has a healthy start to the day? Send them to breakfast as early as 7:30. Students can eat then are walked through the quad back to their lines. Breakfast is served from 7:30 to 7:50 each day. The doors close at 7:50 so that students finish before the bell rings. Please make sure to arrive on time. It's a win, win situation!
Backpack Checks
Please check your student's backpack on a regular basis for homework, notices, trash, and even leftover food. We try to send school wide notices home on Wednesday so at least a weekly check every Wednesday would be helpful to keep you informed and your student's backpack lighter.
Parking Lot CLosure
The parking lot is be closed for pick-up and drop off of students. Only staff parking will be allowed. Parents and guardians who drive must park on the neighboring streets and walk their students to campus. This was decided after meetings with our school resource officer, parents and teachers in order to create a safer environment for our students as they walk on campus. Thank you for helping us to keep the students safe.
Be water friendly!
Williams Elementary is trying to help conserve water. We have planted drought tolerant plants at the front of our school and at the office entrance to help cut down on water usage. We also have automatic turn on/off systems in our bathrooms so no water is wasted. What can you do to help conserve water for California!? Go to to find out more.
Parking Lot Safety
Please follow the directions of the supervisor(s) guiding traffic and avoid unsafe behaviors. Due to the limited number of parking spaces, please do not park in the front lot during drop-off times as the spaces are needed for school employees. The lot behind kinder is for STAFF USE ONLY. Street parking is available on Anchorage, Bard, and neighboring streets. Please follow all parking and safety regulations. Do not allow your students to cross through or in front of traffic except at crosswalks either on or off campus. The red curb is a no parking area. The white zone at the front of the school and the turn around area at the side are for immediate pick-up and drop-off only. Drivers need to stay in their vehicles for safety and to avoid congestion. Please consider the safety of the students over adult convenience while driving on or around our campus.
The office is open for new registrations Mon-Fri 9-11 AM or 1-3 PM Bring your child's birth certificate, immunization record, health certificate and dental certificate if entering kindergarten, and proof of residency when you come in to register.