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50th Anniversary

Williams Elementary  celebrated its 50th anniversary on September 11, 2017.

If you have anything you would like to share with us for inclusion in our new time capsule please contact the office at 488-3541 or Dr. Parsons at  Click on the links below to see some things that have been shared so far.

Mr. Al Berg, first principal at Williams, comes to visit and share some memories.
the 1st principal

 Mr. Gomez, Mr. Berg, and Dr. Parsons


The hunt is on for our missing time capsule(s).  Click on the paper to see the Ventura County Star Article.

M Anon Clue

M Robertson Clue

C Tench Clue

Newspaper article

We are seeing some social media activity.  Please contact us if you have memories to share or you know about a missing time capsule.

Wildcat alumni from the Oxnard PD came to share memories and time capsule clues.

PH officer alumni

Sr. Police Officer Hannah Estrada and Sgt. Marc Amon visit with Ms. Burke and Dr. Parsons.


Sgt Amon tries to recall where a time capsule was buried back in the 80's.
Sgt Amon

Reading to class
Mrs. Loretta Schieffer, one of our "original" teachers reads to Mrs. Engelmann's 2nd graders.

old friends
Mrs. Scheiffer and Mrs. Engelmann
radar search

The Navy to the rescue with their ground penetrating radar!

radar image

Looks like a big hit about 6 ft deep!

mark the spot

David Wilson marks the target and it looks big.

say "No luck"

Another, smaller hit in the back (where Sgt Amon pointed out a possible site).

4th graders take the first dig

4th graders from room 16 start the dig.

Ms. Burke never gives up

About 10 ft. later and all we got were rocks for Mrs. Burke's garden :-(

back dig at recess

All the digging provided great entertainment at recess.

front dig

Surely we'll find it in the front though!

Metal detector

Mr. Jeff even brought in another metal detector

9 feet down and no luck!

The Ventura County Star came out to watch our plight and hung in there until the end.  We went down to 9 feet and we never found anything but a railroad spike.  We are sad!  If you have better intel on the mysterious missing time capsule call us at 488-3541.

Click on the picture to the right to see the second article about our search.

Front dig

A Mother's Story

Shirley Goodwin shares some memories of the early days at Williams before Bard Rd. met up with Anchorage St.

Click on the picture of her kids to read her story.

Goodwin story

An early shirt from the Goodwins

Mrs. Goodwin donated one of the shirts her kids wore in about 1978

Retro Shirt
Time capsule

We found a 1990 time capsule where the old flag pole used to be.

Time Capsule

Unfortunately the top was metal and corroded and the capsule was filled with water, mud, and roots.  

A Brief History of the Hueneme School District

 The district found an album that was put together by students in Mrs. Guenther's 5th grade class at Williams in April 1973 and chronicles the history of the Hueneme School District to that point.    Williams is the last school in the district and in the book.  Click on the picture to see a scanned copy of that album.

History 1973

Photos from PTA Albums

click on the year to see a slide show of the photos (more coming soon)




PTA Book

Publicity 1968-70

Publicity 1971-73

Class Pictures 

Click on the year to see the class pictures (coming soon)

1967-68           1980-81           1990-91           2000-01           2011-12

1968-69           1981-82           1991-92           2001-02           2012-13

1969-70           1982-83           1992-93           2002-03           2013-14

1970-71           1983-84           1993-94           2003-04           2014-15

1971-72           1984-85           1994-95           2004-05           2015-16

1972-73           1985-86           1995-96           2005-06           2016-17

1973-74           1986-87           1996-97           2006-07

1974-75           1987-88           1997-98           2007-08

1975-76           1988-89           1998-99           2009-10

1976-77           1989-90           1999-2000       2010-11





Click on the year to see the yearbook from that year. Note that some years had no yearbook or it is missing. If you have a missing year please let us scan it and post it here.

(coming soon)









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